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Podcast from Computerworld’s “The Digital Edge”

Digital Transformation Podcast
I have built a start-up inside an existing company before.

I worked at Microsoft for many years, where I learned that I had a special gift – or at least a special interest in innovation.

So I created a global innovation team at Microsoft, where we came up with some amazing ideas.

One of them was establishing the first IoT-initiative at Microsoft worldwide – which lead to a so-called “Formal Business Review” with Bill Gates.

That was a wild experience!

All-in-all, I started five new initiatives – a couple of which received funding directly from Steve Ballmer.

In his last investment, Steve Ballmer said to me: “Bjarne, you have to promise me, that if you get this money, you will build “a company in the company” – because we are really not very good at handling start-ups. We end up killing them”.

That’s the usual story – but it turned out that it actually went pretty well.

That’s why I was contacted by Nilfisk, who said they wanted exactly the same solution – where you build something completely new – but still as part of the existing business.

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